South Germantown CX. Race # 5 in the 2017 Sportif Cross Cup

18041 Central Park Cir, Boyds, MD  20847

On Saturday, November 11, 2017 Artemis Racing and Phase Cycling welcome you to South Germantown CX, Race #5 in the 2017 Sportif Cross Cup.

  • USAC One Day licenses are $10
  • A $3 fee for chipped timing is included in the registration fee
  • A $1 MABRA surcharge will be added for each race you register for and will be paid directly to MABRA by BikeReg 
  • Additional fee applies for online registration
  • Race Flyer:

Registration open now on Bikereg !

Men and Women Beginners’ Race
8:30 am Cat 5 Men (Beginners) 30 minutes Medals/3
8:31 am Cat 4/5 Women (Beginners) 30 minutes Prizes/5
U15 Juniors
9:15 am Junior 13-14 Men 2 Laps Medals + Prizes/3
9:15 am Junior 13-14 Women 2 Laps Medals + Prizes/3
9:16 am Junio 11-12 Men 2 Laps Medals + Prizes/3
9:16 am Junior 11-12 Women 2 Laps Medals + Prizes/3
9:17 am Junior 9-10 Men 1 Lap Medals + Prizes/3
9:17 am Junior 9-10 Women 1 Lap Medals + Prizes/3
Women & Junior 15-18 Girls
10:00 am Elite Women 1/2/3 40 mins $150/3, Prizes/5
10:00 am Cat 3/4 Women 40 mins Prizes/5
10:00 am Masters Women 3/4/5 45+ 40 mins Prizes/5
10:00 am Junior 15-18 Women 40 mins Medals + Prizes/3
Cat 3/4 Men & Junior 15-18 Boys
11:00 am Cat 3/4 Men 45 mins Prizes/5
11:00 am Junior 15-18 Men 45 mins Medals + Prizes/3
Li’l Belgians
12:00 pm Li’l Belgians Medals/All
Cat 3/4/5 Master Men 35+/45+
12:00 pm Masters 3/4/5 35+ 45 mins Prizes/5
12:00 pm Masters 3/4/5 45+ 45 mins Prizes/5
Cat 4/5 Men
1:00 pm Cat 4/5 Men 45 mins Prizes/5
Cat 1/2/3 & Cat 1/2/3 35+/45+ Men
2:00 pm Elite Men 1/2/3 45 mins $150/3, Prizes/5
2:00 pm Masters 1/2/3 35+ 45 mins $150/3, Prizes/5
2:00 pm Masters 1/2/3 45+ 45 mins $150/3, Prizes/5
Single Speed Men/Women & Master Men 55+/65+
3:00 pm Masters Women 35+ 45 mins Prizes/5
3:00 pm Masters Women 45+ 45 mins Prizes/5
3:01 pm Masters 1/2/3/4/5/ 55+ 45 mins $150/3, Prizes/5
3:01 pm Masters 1/2/3/4/5 65+ 45 mins Prizes/3

All USA Cycling Cyclocross rules apply

  • There will be an additional $5 day-of-registration fee for all Junior races and an additional $10 day-of-registration fee for all Adult races.
  • Double up and race again for only $20
  • USAC license required (one-day licenses will be available onsite for Cat 5 Men and Cat 5 Women only. Experianced riders must purchace one-day licenses in advance on
  • Mountain bikes will be allowed WITHOUT bar ends.
  • Held under USA Cycling event permit 2017-2532.
  • There will be 1 double pit on the course.
  • Event will be held rain or shine.

South Germantown Technical Guide 2017

The Venue: South Germantown CX is located next to the South Germantown Bike Park. NO alcohol permitted in the park. The park opens at dawn and closes at dusk. There will be porta-potties located at the central portion of the event as well as near staging. Indoor bathroom facilities are available at the Discovery Sports Center across from Central Park Pond. This facility includes a series of progressive dirt jumps and a 5,000 square foot pump track. Kids of all ages can enjoy themselves, so bring the whole family, and their bikes!

Cafe Jefe’s Java Cruiser: will be on hand serving an amazing variety of espresso, coffee, smoothies, Breakfast and lunch items. They accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Cash.

Neutral Support: Neutral Support will be provided by Bike Rack, a full service bike shop with two convenient locations in Washington DC. Check them out at


Reg. Fees:  $15 for U19 events and $30 for all other events.  Lil’ Belgians Free. Online registration closes on Thursday, November 9th at 8:00pm
There is a nominal additional fee for online registration with BikeReg and a $1.00 MABRA fee.

No mail-in registration

On Site Late Registration is available, however we urge you to register online to avoid the additional $5 same day registration fee for Junior races and $10 same day registration fee for adult races.

2nd races are $20 and are not subject to same day registration fees.

Registration will open by 7:30am

Licensing Requirements:
A domestic USAC license is required for all categories.

Annual and Beginner One Day USAC licenses will be available for sale at the registration booth. Experienced One Day Licenses must be purchased in advance on USA Cycling’s website.

NOTE ON RACING AGE:  Your racing age is your age as of December 31, 2018 (not 2017).

Racer Sign In:  Day-of Racer sign-in is located at the shelter next to the pump track.  Sign-in opens at 7:30 am and closes 15 minutes before each event.

Parking: The parking lot is located in a designated portion of the field, next to the race course. Please follow the signs and volunteer parking marshals. A paved lot is available for parking next to the Central Park Pond.

Warmups: The course will be open for inspection and warm-up approximately 15 minutes prior to each event. Warming up on the course during an event is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. DQ & forfeiture of entry fee will result.

Course Description: Located next to the South Germantown SoccerPlex across from Schaeffer’s Farms MTB trials, our course includes grass, gravel, sand (depending on weather conditions), hard-pack dirt, soft soil, and various barriers forcing the rider to dismount and remount. We are going to try to make this course as fast as possible so all and all, it’s going to be a great day on or off the bike. So, spread the word!

Start Line Protocol: Racers must report to the holding pen adjacent to the starting grid for staging 15 minutes before the start of their race.

Categories listed with the same start time will start 30 seconds apart.

Call-Ups: Call-ups will be in the following order

Cat 5 Men, Cat 4/5 Men and Cat 4/5 Women – Date/Time of registration

ALL Other Races:

Row 1 – Top 8 in Sportif Cross Cup Series Standing
Row 2 – Next 8 based on points
Row 3+ – Series Pass holders based on Date/Time of registration
All remaining rows will be called based on Date/Time of registration

Lapped Riders: Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yield to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress or trail behind them.

Pit: There will be one double-sided pit on the course. Please remove your equipment immediately following your race to make room for others.

Field Limits: For the races with combined fields the 150 field limit is for the COMBINED field, not for each individual field. BikeReg has been set up so that once the limit has been reached for the combined field registration will close for each of the individual fields within the combined field.


Podiums for all Jr. fields and the Cat 5 men will feature the top 3 finishers only. Podiums for all other fields will feature the top 5 finishers. Podiums will be held as soon as possible following the end of the 15-minute protest period for results.

All cash and prizes will be awarded based on the information listed above.

Fields listed as $150/3, Prizes/5 will pay cash in the amounts of $60, 50 and 40 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers respectively with the top 5 finishers receiving merchandise prizes.

Fields listed as Prizes/5 will pay merchandise prizes to the top 5 finishers.

Fields listed as Prizes/3 will pay merchandise prizes to the top 3 finishers.

Fields listed as Medals/3 will award medals to the top 3 finishers.

Fields listed as Medals + Prizes/3 will award medals and merchandise prizes to the top 3 finishers.

Common Courtesy: Please be respectful of the environment and its inhabitants.  This is a multi-use facility open to the public and we will not be the only park patrons.  Artemis Racing also would like to remind everyone that we all have a responsibility to leave the race course cleaner than we find it on race day.  All refuse should be discarded into appropriate containers.  Any rider found illegally discarding objects on the park grounds, the roads leading to and from the race course, and the on the race course itself will be dealt with accordingly (see USCF Rule 3B9, which states in part – ‘Riders may not discard materials that are not biodegradable; they may pass or throw such material to support personnel in places far from any bystanders [relegation or disqualification for littering or unauthorized feeding]).  Trash containers will be available for rider’s to use at registration.

Sportsmanlike Conduct:  The Chief Referee and Race Director expect ALL spectators and riders to act like responsible adults.  Use of profanity and blatant unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  This is a family friendly park and we are not the only users so please be courteous to all park patrons and staff.

Other Rules:  No alcohol permitted at the venue.

For more information and questions, please email: