17th Annual Bunny Hop Criterium


22685 Gateway Center Drive, Clarksburg, MD 20871, Saturday, May 5, 2018

With special thanks to Lantian Development for hosting this event!

On May 6th, 2017 Artemis Racing and District Velocity Racing proudly present the 16th Annual Bunny Hop in Clarksburg, MD at the old Comsat Laboratories facility. A video preview of the 1.3km is available on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/197665863626567/videos/1340219436037865/. Free lap with Neutral Support provided by Artemis sponsor Bike Rack & wheels in/wheels out. See our Race Flyer for more information

Registration open now on Bikreg !

The Bunny Hop is Sponsored by:

The 2017 Bunny Hop Criterium is sponsored by Athleta, Giant, Bike Rack, DrinkMore water, Rudy Project, Peaks Coaching Group, Georgetown Bagelry, Pikesville Jewelry Designs, Herbalife Nutrition, District Taco, and Clif Bar

USA Cycling Permit #2017-1491

Complete Race Schedule

U15 Juniors – Sponsored by District Taco
8:00 am Boys 9-10 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 9-10 Boys
Boys 11-12 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 11-12 Boys
Boys 13-14 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 13-14 Boys
Girls 9-10 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 9-10 Girls
Girls 11-12 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 11-12 Girls
Girls 13-14 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 13-14 Girls
U19 Junior – Sponsored by District Taco
8:35 am Boys 15-16 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 15-16 Boys
Boys 17-18 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 17-18 Boys
Girls 15-16 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 15-16 Girls
Girls 17-18 25 mins Merchandise & Medals/3 Junior 17-18 Girls
Cat 5 Men – Not a BAR Race.
9:10 am Mixed Cat 5 Men 30 mins Medals/3 Not a Bar Race
Cat 4/5 Women – BAR: Women Category 4
10:00 am Women Cat 4/5 30 mins $110,prizes/5 Women Category 4
Masters Men 55+/Masters Men 65+
10:30 am Mixed Masters 55+ 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Masters Men 55+
10:30  Mixed Masters 65+ 40 mins  $110,prizes/5  Masters Men 65+
Men Category 4
11:20 am Mixed Cat 4 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Men Category 4
Cat 3/4 Women – BAR Women Category 3
12:10 pm Women Cat 3/4 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Category 3 Women
Masters Men 35+ 3/4
1:00 pm Mixed Masters 35+ Cat 3/4 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Masters Men 35+ 3/4
Masters Women 35+/Masters Women 45+
1:50 pm Mixed Masters Women 35+ 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Masters Women 35+
Masters Women 45+ 40 mins  $110,prizes/5 Masters Women 45+
Masters Men 35+/Masters Women 45+
2:40 pm Mixed Masters Men 35+ 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Masters Men 35+
Mixed Masters Men 45+ 40 mins $110,prizes/5 Masters Men 45+
Women Cat 1/2/3/4 – BAR Women Category 1/2/3
3:30 pm Women Cat 1/2/3 50 mins $400/8 Women Category 1/2/3
Men Category 1/2/3
4:30 pm Mixed Cat 1/2/3 60 mins $400/8 Men Category 1/2/3


Welcome: Artemis Racing and District Velocity Racing welcome you to the 16th, almost annual, Bunny Hop Criterium. We have a brand new venue on the grounds of the Comsat Complex in Clarksburg Maryland for this year’s event. The new course is a fast, clockwise 6 corner 1.3km loop around the central building at the complex.


All Cycling Criterium rules apply

  • There will be an additional $10 day-of-registration fee for all Adult races.
  • Double up and race again for only $15. No late fees for 2nd races.
  • USAC Race license required.
  • Held under USA Cycling event permit (pending).
  • There will be 1 pit on the course.
  • Event will be held rain or shine.
  • No refunds, substitutions, swapping or selling of entry without Race Director Approval or after May 4th.
  • Day of Cell Phones: 202-256-0350 or 240-601-4654

Reg. Fees:  $15 for U19 events and $35 for all other events. Online registration closes on Thursday, May 4th at 8:00pm
There is a nominal additional fee for online registration with BikeReg.

No mail-in registration

On Site Late Registration is available, however we urge you to register online to avoid the additional $10 same day registration fee for adult races.

Registration will open by 7:00am

Licensing Requirements:
A domestic USAC license is required for all categories.

Annual and Beginner One Day USAC Race licenses will be available for sale at the registration booth.  Experienced One Day Race licenses must be purchased in advance on USA Cycling’s website.

NOTE ON RACING AGE: Your racing age is your age as of December 31, 2017

Racer Sign In:  Sign-in opens at 7:00 am and closes 15 minutes before each event.

Course Description: The course is a 6 corner 1.4km loop around the old Comsat Headquarters Building in Clarksburg, MD. The course runs clockwise and includes a small chicane on the backside.

2017 Bunnyhop Course

Pit: There will be one pit directly across from the start finish line on the course. Pit is wheels in/wheels out and will have a mechanic from The Bike Rack providing neutral support. Free lap ends with 6 laps (8k) to go. Riding backwards on the course to reach the pits is not allowed but cutting the course and running backwards is.

Please remove your equipment immediately following your race to make room for others.

Directions: From DC, Southern MD, Northern VA: Take I-270 to exit 18. Turn right at the end of the exit ramp onto Clarksburg Rd. Take the first right onto Gateway Center Drive. Looks for signs for parking in the field to your right opposite the US post office. From Frederick:Take I-270 to exit 18. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp onto Clarksburg Rd. Take the first right onto Gateway Center Drive. Looks for signs for parking in the field to your right opposite the US post office. From Baltimore: Take I-95 South to the ICC and then to I-270 North to exit 18. Turn right at the end of the exit ramp onto Clarksburg Rd. Take the first right onto Gateway Center Drive. Looks for signs for parking in the field to your right opposite the US post office. NO ENTRY TO THE VENUE FROM W. Old Baltimore Road!

MABRA BAR Scoring is provided courtesy of USA Cycling.

Parking: Parking is located off Gateway Center Drive in the field across the street from the US Post Office building. Follow signs and attendants direction for parking.

Pre-riding/practicing on the course: This race is being held on private property owned by Lantian Development. The property is closed to the general public outside of race day. You may not visit or practice on the property either before or after the event. Doing so will be considered trespassing and you will be disqualified from this event and any future event held at this location or at any other property owned by Lantian Development.

ALL START TIMES ARE ESTIMATES.  Held under USA Cycling permit #2017-1491; USA Cycling Road rules apply.  Minimum of 5 riders per field.  The race will be held wind, rain or shine.  Races may be shortened to accommodate the schedule.

JUNIOR GEAR ROLLOUT:  Gear restrictions will be enforced for all Junior riders.  Post-race gear rollout for Juniors is required; this applies to Juniors racing in Senior fields as well.  The Chief Referee will announce the rollout time and location on race day.

Start Line Protocol: Racers should report to the entrance road adjacent to corner one just prior to the completion of the race preceding theirs. Once the course is clear a course marshal will provide the go ahead to take a lap and the all racers should proceed around the course to the start finish line.

Call-Ups: Race Director reserves the right to do call-ups for any race field.

Start times for Junior Fields: The Chief Ref in consultation with the race director may afford some of the fields starting at 8:00am or 8:35 with separate whistles.
Lapped Riders: Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yield to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress. Lapped riders and riders in danger of being lapped may also be pulled at the discretion of the officials.

Field Limits: For the races with combined fields, the field limit is for the COMBINED field, not for each individual field. BikeReg has been set up so that once the limit has been reached for the combined field registration will close for each of the individual fields within the combined field.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Only: This is an alcohol free event. Anyone seen consuming alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave the event venue.

Prizes: All cash and prizes will be awarded based on the information listed above.

Common Courtesy: Please be respectful of the environment and its inhabitants.  This is a privately owned facility and we are very excited to have Lantian Development agree to host our event. Artemis Racing and District Velocity Racing also would like to remind everyone that we all have a responsibility to leave the race course cleaner than we find it on race day.  All refuse should be discarded into appropriate containers.  Any rider found illegally discarding objects on the venue grounds, the roads leading to and from the race course, and the on the race course itself will be dealt with. Trash containers will be available for rider’s to use at registration.

For safety reasons the owner of the venue has asked that participants please also stay off and out of the existing buildings at the venue and off of the roads at the southern-eastern end of the venue that are not part of the course. As such there is no entry to the venue from W. Old Baltimore Road.

Sportsmanlike Conduct:  The Chief Referee and Race Promoter expect ALL spectators and riders to act like responsible adults.  Use of profanity and blatant unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

Other Rules:  Pets are welcome but must be leashed at all times.

Questions and Registration Assistance: For registration questions and issues please use the ‘Contact Event’ option located at the top of on the event’s page on BikeReg. For other information and questions, please email: glennpstevens@gmail.com