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South Germantown CX. Race # 5 in the 2017 Sportif Cross Cup

On Saturday, November 11, 2017 Artemis Racing and Phase Cycling welcome you to South Germantown CX, Race #5 in the 2017 Sportif Cross Cup. The race takes place adjacent to the Bike Skills Track at the South Germantown Recreation Park. More

16th Annual Bunny Hop Criterium

On Saturday, May 6, 2017 Artemis Racing and District Velocity Racing proudly present the 16th Annual Bunny Hop at an all new course on the grounds of the old Comsat Laboratories Facility in Clarksburg, MD. As always, there will be BONUS merchandise prizes to the top 3 first time racers (new/1-day license) for the Women Cat 4. New this year we have a full set of Junior Race Fields and four separate start times for women racers. The Course is a 6 corner 1.3km loop around the main building on the campus. The course runs clockwise and includes a small chicane on the backside.Free lap wheels in/wheels out with Neutral Support provided by Artemis sponsor Bike Rack and Peak Coaching Group's BJ Basham. More

Intro to Road Racing Clinic

This clinic is aimed at the athletic/competitive-minded road bike rider who hasn’t raced before and wants to give it a try or is very new to racing and needs additional information. We will cover the basics of racing, as well as training for racing, specific skills needed to navigate the peloton effectively and efficiently, and the special skills needed for the different road race disciplines – Road Race, Time Trial, and Criterium. More

Race Day Prep for your first race

It's race day…What should you do? After a good night’s sleep, go over the checklist (mental or written) that you’ve made and make sure you have everything that you need for the day. More

Are You at Risk of Over-training?

Athletes in certain endurance sports are at risk of certain types of overuse injuries, but these injuries are not the only problems that can develop as a result of a heavy training schedule. Over-training is itself a common problem for people in endurance sports, but it's not always one that's easy to recognize. More

10 Simple things to remember when racing as a team

Recently, I was working with a team of riders who where preparing for an important local race. As I was writing a pep-talk e-mail, I decided to remind them of all the things that we have been learning the hard way, that we all really already knew but were not putting into practice.

These things seem like common sense when you are standing on the sidelines, but sometimes do not even come to mind in the heat of the racing action.


Aerodynamics – Hints for a better Time Trial

Be sure that you are in the "right" gear to start off...not too hard, b/c you want to start off fast. While they are holding your bike, you will be able to clip in the pedals. Put your dominant (or lead) foot at about 2:00 (for R foot) or 10:00 (for L foot) on the chain ring for the best downward pressure to start off. Be in the drops of the handle bars and go standing up, thrusting your hips in towards the stem with stiff arms. More

Cyclists: 10 Common Time Trial Mistakes

The time trial is often referred to as “the race of truth” and many even consider it to be an art form. The fact is that it takes a lot of hard training and mental fortitude to excel at the discipline. Below is a list of 10 common mistakes riders make when preparing for and racing time trials. More

Efficient Use Of Recovery Time

Cycling is all about efficiency. It is easy to find stuff we can buy for our bikes that are supposed to make them faster, but the benefits of an efficient training schedule far outweigh any gains that a new set of wheels or carbon bars can provide. A well thought out training plan involves the 2 main components required to improve performance: Overload and Recovery. More