Abe Ehlers


I’m from Bethesda. I got into BMX and skateboarding as a kid. I didn’t race until after high school. I was a wrestler at WJ. Starting in around 92 I became an avid cross country MTB racer. A few mid-Atlantic series took podium positions in expert (Cat. 1).

Moved to Italy in 1999. Continued to race MTB and started to race occasional Gran Fondo road races. Commuted by bike to work thru various jobs. I harvested fruit, taught English and for 3 years was a bicycle tour guide.

Moved back in 2005 and focused on new career HVAC. Stopped biking. Gained 30 lbs. and borderline hypertension! Finally retook the saddle in spring of 2015. Raced cross last season and road this year. My goal is to rank up in road and cross. Focusing my training on a successful upcoming cross season.