Berhane (KC) Kahsay


I started my amateur road racing in nairobi, Kenya, home to Chris Froome and where I started my career some 5,000 plus feet above sea level in 1992 at the age of 16.

My father, who is from Eritrea and my mom from Ethiopia meant that I had to prove to do well in any cardio sport I got in. I have always been involved in competitive sports all my life thanks to my father who was very supportive.

I played soccer for my high school varsity team and raced cycling with the Kenyan national team as part of the peloton in every race I registered from 1992-1994.

In 1993, I won the junior 50 mile time trial championship clocking 2hr 12minutes. Though that was a huge win, my greatest wins were road races including a 110 field 120 kilometer windy race by the coast of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa where I placed 3rd junior overall in a little over 5 hours.

In August of 1994, I arrived in the United States and eventually got into racing and won 9 races in my debut year of 1995. I was upgraded to a cat 4 in 1995 and when I stopped racing at the end of 1996, I had been upgraded to cat 3. I unfortunately never raced as a cat 3 as I semi-retired.

In 2010 I reconnected with David Osborne or super Dave, whom I had met in the ’90’s and he single handedly motivated me to get back into ridding again seriously. In 2011 I joined Artemis racing and though I started back as a category 5, I am currently a cat 4, and have enjoyed racing again as if I started racing for the first time ever.

To date, I have finished several races in top ten with my best being 3rd out of 56 in 2013.  Artemis has been fantastic to me.

I am also currently a soccer squad player for an East African-Eritrean soccer team in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area known as Baltimore FC founded in 1992. I have played for the team from 1998-present with part of the team that has won the North American Eritrean tournament three times which is held once a year.