Howard Tyndle


I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Started racing in the mid 80s while working as a bike messenger. A friend of mine named Sam Graves got me in to racing in the Mid Atlantic Region as an unattached competitor. I really enjoyed the sport and believe I was promoted to the Cat 3 level before quit racing to start a family.

I was out of the sport of cycling for ten years and a friend of mine kept bugging me to come out to ride again. When I started riding, I had the same old Colnago with down tube shifters, Columbus tubing and track pedals! Sometime after my comeback to riding, I was on a group ride. At the end of the ride I was in a head to head sprint with Clifton Gray. Reaching down to find one more gear in a sprint was not efficient, very cumbersome and awkward. That’s when I knew I needed a new machine. I lost that bout, by the way.

In 2006 I rode for Dream Cycling for a couple of years before I changed my color to purple and I’ve been with Artemis ever since.