Laura Rosema


Laura just moved to Maryland from Seattle, Washington and learned about bike racing and Artemis after meeting a team member during a bike ride. After extensive research on YouTube and Bicycling Magazine and then attending the Artemis Clinic, Laura got all excited and decided to take the plunge and start racing.

Laura got into cycling a little over 2 years ago when her husband decided that they needed to pick up a new sport. After a few rides, she was completely addicted. Laura is an active runner and spent years competing in both road and trail races with the Seattle community. She also enjoys rock climbing (especially bouldering), hiking, skate skiing, paddle boarding, Pilates, and swimming. In addition to these activities, Laura also enjoys hamburgers, pizza, and French fries, sometimes all at once.

Laura is a scientist and works for the NIH developing biomedical policy. She is thrilled to join Artemis and is excited about the mission of the team. Laura is passionate about mentoring and spends time teaching women about career paths in science and has been a volunteer with the Seattle chapter of Girls on the Run.