Racing 101
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Tiffany Wise leads the field at the 2014 Brambleton Grand Prix

Race Day Prep for your first race

It's race day…What should you do? After a good night’s sleep, go over the checklist (mental or written) that you’ve made and make sure you have everything that you need for the day. more
2014 Bunnyhop

10 Simple things to remember when racing as a team

Recently, I was working with a team of riders who where preparing for an important local race. As I was writing a pep-talk e-mail, I decided to remind them of all the things that we have been learning the hard way, that we all really already knew but were not putting into practice.

These things seem like common sense when you are standing on the sidelines, but sometimes do not even come to mind in the heat of the racing action.


Aerodynamics - Hints for a better Time Trial

Be sure that you are in the "right" gear to start off...not too hard, b/c you want to start off fast. While they are holding your bike, you will be able to clip in the pedals. Put your dominant (or lead) foot at about 2:00 (for R foot) or 10:00 (for L foot) on the chain ring for the best downward pressure to start off. Be in the drops of the handle bars and go standing up, thrusting your hips in towards the stem with stiff arms. more

Cyclists: 10 Common Time Trial Mistakes

The time trial is often referred to as “the race of truth” and many even consider it to be an art form. The fact is that it takes a lot of hard training and mental fortitude to excel at the discipline. Below is a list of 10 common mistakes riders make when preparing for and racing time trials. more