Amilcar Samudio


I am from Panama. My son is Amilcar Jr. is 18 years old and my daughter Esmeralda is 14 Years Old. When I was a kid I used to race BMX and then later on I used to ride a road bike with my friends in my home town.

One day as I was riding around the Baltimore County area I saw a couple of cyclists and turned back to introduce myself to Francklin Johnson. He asked me if I wanted to race for Artemis. So I said yes and my first ride with Artemis Racing was the Ivy Lane Ride. That day I forgot to bring my shoes and I remember a Spanish guy Mario said, “Hey I have duct tape”, I did the whole ride and I had the chance to sprint. It was a fun experience.

My first races were on April 4 of 2013. As a cat 5 I won one race came in second twice and had four 3rd place podiums.I moved to Cat 4 by the end of the 2013 season and since then I have placed in the top 5 eight times.

On September of 2015 in a rainy Civil War century I was riding with my friend Adi and going downhill I crashed in a sharp turn because of gravel. After the crash I was transported to the Gaithersburg, PA hospital to find out that I had 2 small fissures on my pelvis and I was off of my bike for two months while recovering.

Going into the 2016 I feel 100% ready to race and while I already have the points to move to Cat 3, my goal for the year is to win a race as a Cat 4 and then upgrade.

Since 2015 through my company, Pikesville Jewelry Designs I have been a sponsor for Artemis Racing.

Thanks to the Artemis team and the opportunity and the great family environment.